Wednesday, October 28, 2015

AZ education settlement is driven by fear

Yesterday (Oct 28) I opined that the education settlement sucks. AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona agrees and provides more details about the settlement. Check out his post from Wednesday, Oct 28 to learn more. Here is his conclusion.

In my opinion, this is a bad settlement, motivated out of fear that the courts will not enforce a judgment against our lawless Tea-Publican legislature. Our legislators will continue to violate the law with impunity because no one has been held accountable.

The major portion of this proposed settlement comes from the state trust lands fund. Once again, our lawless Tea-Publican legislature and Governor has devised a "robbing Peter to pay Paul " plan to avoid their constitutionally prescribed duty to raise taxes to pay for public education and the (judgment) debts of this state.

In effect, our lawless Tea-Publican legislature and Governor propose to steal from the trust lands fund set aside for future generations of Arizona students to pay only a partial amount of the restitution that they owe to the present generation of Arizona students from whom they have stolen education funds. I believe Tea-Publicans refer to this as "generational theft." The amount they propose to steal from the state trust lands fund may deplete the corpus, and thus violate the trustee’s duty to the beneficiaries, resulting in additional litigation.

This settlement will also leave Arizona students near the bottom of education funding in the United States. Inflation adjustment funding would be subject to the discretion of the legislature and inflation triggers based on economic circumstances. And the minimally increased funding is only temporary, for a period 10 years, with a fiscal cliff in 2016 (earlier if Prop. 301 is not renewed by voters in 2021).

Finally, the GOPropagandist editors of The Arizona Republican will shamelessly try to sell you this load of crap as a good settlement, because it allows their boy Doug Ducey to maintain his pledge not to raise taxes during his term of office ...

If the lege was not totally dominated by a single party ...

If the Governor was fiscally responsible and used taxes to pay the state's bills ...

If the state's education groups were bolder in their advocacy ...

Then we might be able to get this settlement deep-sixed and go back to the drawing board seeking a better plan.

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