Tuesday, November 24, 2015

American Fascism: Trump goes "full Nazi"

Yesterday's theme was American Fascism and my top candidates for American Fascists. Here are snippets from a related piece at Daily Kos. (h/t Phil Silvers)

... "security is going to rule." And I'll bet the trains will run on time. And speaking of trains, this is the same man who wants to round up 11,000,000 Latinos for mass deportation. How he proposes to do that is a mystery, but it wouldn't be surprising if it involved boxcars and concentration camps. He approvingly cited the 1950's "Operation Wetback" as a model for his plan. That operation resulted in dozens of deaths and was abandoned as a failure that violated humane standards.

In the short history of Trump's campaign he has gotten away with saying repulsive things and demonstrating overtly bigoted behavior. Even when he disparaged solidly conservative principles like the military sacrifices of John McCain, or making a mockery of the practice of Christianity, his supporters remained faithful. And despite all of that, he still clings to the top of the polls in the Republican presidential primary. There has been an astonishing and troubling loyalty by Republicans who seem unfazed no matter how disgusting or ignorant he gets. And it isn't just his supporters. Other GOP voters, pundits, and candidates, are reluctant to take him on.

If that continues it will be impossible for the GOP to separate themselves from his repugnant views. And the same goes for Fox News, who flagrantly promote Trump's campaign. They are already tied to him on most other issues with which they agree completely. But if they don't want to forever be associated with the outright appeal to the policies of the Nazis, they need to renounce him and cease supporting him. If his polling isn't hurt by this we'll know for sure that a significant chunk of the Republican Party is cool with fascism.

Unless Trump's base is completely fickle with attitudes flying about like feathers in the wind, I'll have to say that I have an even stronger hunch that "a significant chunk of the Republican Party is cool with fascism." He still is top dog in the polls and that means he has a shot at the Presidency.

Here is Bob Lord's (Blog for Arizona) conclusion about prospects for a fascistic right-winger in the oval office, if not 2016, then 2020. (Do read the whole of Lord's post.)

I can’t hazard a guess as to whether we’re in for a Cruz or Trump or Rubio presidency in 2016. My best guess is it depends on how the economy is performing next summer.

The scarier prospect is who we might vomit up in 2020 if Hillary wins next year. I doubt it will be Cruz. By that time, he’ll be considered too moderate.

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