Friday, February 26, 2016

AZ House puts hold on vouchers-for-all bill

The latest attempt at expanding the school voucher program to all million K-12 students has hit a road block in the AZ House. Here's the essence of the story from Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required).

The Arizona House of Representatives has postponed a debate on a bill to massively expand the state’s Empowerment Scholarship Account program. Several Republicans said the measure, which passed the Senate on Monday, doesn’t have the votes in the lower chamber.

Republican Rep. Justin Olson’s HB2482 is a mirror bill to Republican Sen. Debbie Lesko’s SB1279.
The bill was scheduled to go up for a debate in the House Committee of the Whole on Wednesday, but lawmakers skipped the legislation at the last minute amid talks that several Republicans and many Democrats planned to vote against it.

The bill would expand the school voucher system to all Arizona students, allowing roughly 1.1 million Arizona students to use tax dollars towards private schools.

Thus sucking money out of public education using the court-approved money laundering scheme. See Fitz's graphic depiction of what our legislators are doing to public education.

Republican Rep. T.J. Shope of Coolidge told his leadership team that he plans to vote against the bill. But he said GOP leadership has not given up hope on it, and House Republican Whip David Livingston is still attempting to get to the 31 votes necessary for the bill.

“He said they’re really close,” Shope said of Livingston.

Let's hope that, as in years past, the House leaves this one at "really close."

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