Friday, February 26, 2016

The good, bad, and ugly of Democratic voters

The good: Young Americans are scaring Republicans. A recent poll finds that they are "terrifyingly liberal."

The bad: Voter turnout of Democrats is way, way off previous election years. Rachel Maddow has been sounding the alarm bells - here reported by Daily Kos.

... caucuses in Nevada marked the fourth time in a row that Republicans have set a record for voter turnout this year," Rachel Maddow said. "Republicans have voted in four states so far this year and in every single one they have broken the voter turnout record for that state."

She then pointed out that turnout for Democrats so far is down. It was down 28% in Iowa. It was down 13% in New Hampshire. It was down 33% in Nevada.

The ugly: If Democrats do not vote, we get Donald Trump, or Ted Crooze, or Marco the RuBioBot.

Rachel showed [a chart] which illustrates the problem facing Democrats so far in the 2016 primaries. If voters stay on the sidelines then they would deserve the government that others elect for them.

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