Thursday, February 18, 2016

What McConnell and all the GOP presidential candidates don't know (but say) is anti-Constitution and un-American

Lest you think I over-state the case read on. I do offer an alternative: these guys really do know the history of 2nd term and election year Supreme Court timely nominations and rapid confirmations but consciously choose to lie about them.

John Nichols (The Nation) in Republicans Are Now Waging a War on Facts, Precedent, and the Constitution lists the many instances of interim (recess) appointments to the Supreme Court and election year nominations and rapid Senatorial action. President Obama's impending nomination is not exceptional. It is not an executive branch overreach. Any argument along those lines is simply bogus. In the end, the only thing to believe is that the GOPlins are willing to burn the constitution and scrap our form of government in order further their own ambitions.

Nichols concludes:

No one expects Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to be anything less than ruthless partisans. And if the 2016 race has confirmed anything, it is that the senators from Texas and Florida are as unfamiliar with the facts about Supreme Court nominations as they are with basic premises of the Constitution. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is better informed; yet he has made it clear that his mission is to obstruct President Obama. That certainly creates political challenges when it comes to filling the vacancy created by the death of Justice Scalia. And it is fine to focus on the excesses of partisanship that are now on display. But that certainly does not justify unquestioning repetition of the false constructs, radical rewrites of history, and mischaracterizations of constitutional language, intents, and practices now being peddled by partisans who make absurd assertions without conscience or credibility.

Indeed, to treat seriously what Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, and McConnell are now saying is to foster a fantasy that is at odds with American history and with the constitutionally defined duties of presidents and senators.

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