Friday, April 15, 2016

Ducey: "Let them eat hope"

He didn't say that, as far as I know, but it appears to me that he might believe it.

Yesterday I highlighted the direction Arizona is going if the corporate tax cuts remain in place - to hell in a hand-basket would be one way of putting it. Today AZBlueMeanie weighs in on the GOPlins' religious fervor over pissing on the poor (aka trickle down economics). The problem, as the Blue Meanie points out, is that the GOPlins really believe this economic nonsense. When challenged, especially when challenged by the economic evidence against persistent tax cuts, they circle the wagons, dig in deeper, double down, etc. That's how religious wars come about. And this is an economic and political version of a religious war in which facts matter far less than faith. Even when the GOPlins mouth the words against their creed, they still are faithful to the idea that you can spend hope.

Message to those who vote for these phouls: Try eating hope.


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