Thursday, April 21, 2016

From the Real Good News department: SCOTUS unanimously upholds AZ redistricting maps

The word that gets my hear thumping is "unanimously." Yes, that includes Clarence Thomas and John Roberts and Samuel Alito, none of whom are exactly flaming liberals. Perhaps now the GOPlins in the AZ Idioture (aka Phouls in Phoenix) can do something useful like fund K-12 at the mandated levels, or get real about infrastructure investment, or fund Kids Care.

Or not. There is always political room for the Phouls to declare that the lawless highest court of the land is guilty of federal government overreach. Wait for it.

Read the story in the Tucson Sentinel or over at Blog for Arizona. Here are a couple of observations from the Blue Meanie.

I have said from the beginning that this case was without legal merit based upon existing Supreme Court precedents. The Court’s opinion agrees with my earlier legal analysis on every point.

Media coverage of this case over the years has been largely limited to “Republicans say . . .” as if what they said had any merit; it did not. This created a false sense among GOP partisans that they had a legitimate claim. They did not. This is a failure of the media in giving credence to both sides even when one side clearly has no credible basis for what they say. The law is what it is. That is how this frivolous lawsuit should have been reported.

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