Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Harsh words about the AZ budget

AZBueMeanie at Blog for Arizona sums it up: "GOP budget: more corporate welfare, no KidsCare restoration, and a pittance to public education"

The state budget is a witches brew concocted in secret behind closed doors between the governor and GOP legislative leaders, and special interests who are the stakeholders in the annual GOP tax cuts sweepstakes.

Democratic leadership and the rank and file membership of the legislature of both political parties are not included in the secret budget negotiations, and forget about any public input — who cares what you people think?

The authoritarian Tea-Publicans who lord over us treat us all like mushrooms: they keep us in the dark and feed us bullshit. See the Arizona Republic‘s Linda Valdez, Get this GOP: We aren’t mushrooms.

This is in no way “regular order” or a transparent and democratic budget process. The budget is something that should go through a series of committee hearings with public testimony, and be hashed out in public in the open from the earliest days of the legislative session.

It should not be a secret concocted behind closed doors and sprung on the legislature with little or no time to consider the budget. It should not be rushed to a vote at the eleventh hour– while other bad bills are also being rushed through the legislature often under cover of darkness in the dead of night — in the hopes that the public and the media will not notice what is going on before adjourning sine die.

The budget process is Arizona’s shame. It cries out for reform.

Blue Meanie follows on with a summary of what's in, and not in, the witches brew. See also Scriber's post yesterday. Meanie concludes:

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “A budget is a moral document.” This is an immoral budget from the evil GOP bastards in the Arizona legislature and Governor “Il Duce.” It is shameful public policy.

If you think that "evil GOP bastards" is too harsh, let me give you an alternative: heartless buggers.

Or how about an alternative headline: Phouls in Phoenix Feast on the Public Good.

Or a news story: Governor Duce celebrates budget saying morals have no place in government.

Carry on.

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