Saturday, April 23, 2016

How should you vote on Prop 123? Scriber has the answer.

In a word, VOTE.

I get lots of folks seeking my wisdom on how to vote on Prop 123.

Some are confused about what to do. Welcome to the club. Above all else, know that there are compelling arguments on both sides.

Some think I am an expert on Prop 123. Don't believe it.

Some ask me how to vote on 123. Ah! I can be of help.

First of all, search this blog (using the handy search tool) for "123". You will get lots of hits.

Compile a list of facts that you think are most relevant to your decision.

Decide on your vote.

Then pick the facts from your list that seem to best support your decision.

The facts, at least the huge majority of them, are not in dispute. There really is a very large surplus in the state's coffers. The teachers really do need a raise. Duce has promised tax cuts every year from now on. There really are triggers in Prop 123 that allow the Lege to renege on the deal. Etc.

But before you vote, here is one more item to factor into your decision (from AZBlueMeanie on likely litigation): "immediate" is relative. If the vote goes against Prop 123, the schools will not get more money for a long time to come. (Unless we sprinkle pixie dust and the Lege turns Democratic.) If the vote is for Prop 123, lawsuits have been promised that will delay any additional funding promised in 123 for likely quite some time.

After you vote, know this. You will wake up the next morning thinking you should have voted differently. And you will feel slimed by the Governor who gave you Ducey's Choice.

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