Monday, April 18, 2016

Poll: Clinton most qualified, Sanders most trustworthy

Catherine Rampell reports the results in the Washington Post. Here are the numbers (percentages).

Most qualified: Clinton (56), Sanders (48), Cruz (39), Kasich (39), Trump (33)

Honest and trustworthy: Clinton (30), Sanders (54), Cruz (30), Kasich (34), Trump (27)

Source: YouGov poll of about 2,000 people conducted April 8-11, margin of error ±2.8 percent.

Scriber: One simple way to look at the data is to weight the qualification score by the trustworthy score, the latter expressed as a decimal fraction (divided by 100).

Qualification weighted by trustworthiness: Clinton (17), Sanders (26), Cruz (12), Kasich (13), Trump (9)

The weighted model confirms that the worst of ours is better than the best of theirs.

If reality was only that simple.

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