Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Prop 123: "There is no step 4,5,6 ..."

"... that will improve funding for our schools."

That's from a comment in Blog for Arizona on Diane Post's excellent report on the history of Prop 123 and its dismal prospects for effecting the real growth in funding for public education mandated by the voters ("No on Prop 123 – not sustainable and not a solution"). The commenter continues, calling Post's report a "... fabulous summation of the beginning & middle of prop 123 and the end of public education."

Before you vote you need go read this one - it is long but comprehensive. If you already have voted, read it anyway to get prepped for the legal battles that will consume more of your tax money - all because we have a criminal element in the legislature hell bent on ignoring the AZ constitution - or reshaping it to fit their own penurious proclivities. Post makes that point and my view of the criminality of what the legislature does not do for education was reprinted in the GV News this morning.

Here is a summary of more views along these lines from AZBlueMeanie.

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