Friday, April 22, 2016

Prop 123: It's about trust and crap sandwiches

And we're not talking here about the land trust. Prop 123 highlights a lack of trust in our state leaders - specifically the dictator the people elected, Il Duce (sometimes known as Gov. Doug Ducey) and the biomass of law breakers (sometimes known as lawmakers). I'll get back to crap sandwiches in a bit.

Trust. It's a precious commodity that has been squandered by a Governor who offers a false choice, Ducey's Choice, and by the lawless legislators who act in direct opposition to the AZ constitution when they withhold funds from public education. The Arizona Republic amazingly thinks that they can trust Dicey Ducey. Here's what AZBlueMeanie thinks about that.

The Arizona Republic fka The Arizona Republican did its best to support Doug Ducey, the ice cream man hired by Koch Industries to run their Southwest subsidiary formerly known as the state of Arizona, with a back-handed endorsement of Prop. 123. Prop. 123 isn’t a bad deal – it’s a good start:

Voters who support Proposition 123 should do so with the expectation that Ducey will aggressively push for additional funding for our schools. They should be prepared to demand it in no uncertain terms.

So vote yes and hope that the man who slashed education funding in his first budget, and the man who has not yet revealed the budget for this year being negotiated in secret behind closed doors with the GOP leadership, is suddenly going to have a Saul on the road to Damascus conversion (Acts 9:1-19) to becoming the champion of public education funding?

That’s asking for blind faith in a man who has demonstrated time and again that he is unworthy of such blind faith and trust.

The Blue Meanie covers the opinions voiced by other of The Republic's editorial writers: Montini, Valdez (see post here - Prop 123: "a pretend choice"), and Diaz.

There is one thread that holds all of these opinions together: “hold them accountable.”

Yet Arizona voters have failed to do so. Republican leaning voters vote out of tribalism for anyone with an “(R)” behind their name on the ballot, with no thought to the consequences. They are recklessly irresponsible.

Even worse, the majority of Arizonans did not even vote in the 2014 election. Among the worst performing voter demographic: teachers, the very public servants being systematically abused by our lawless Tea-Publican legislature.

Yet teachers are so desperate for any crumbs to fall from the GOP table that they are now making ads for Prop. 123: “Please help. We’re starving.” It is Stockholm Syndrome, identifying with their abusers. I pity them.

There is only one real answer: a wholesale house cleaning of the lawless Tea-Publican legislators responsible for this crime. Hold them accountable for their crime, and elect a Democratic state legislature in November.

This will give a Democratic state legislature am indisputable voter mandate — Republicans have controlled the Arizona legislature for the past 50 years — a mandate to settle the lawsuit on more favorable terms to the school districts, and to adequately fund public education as the Arizona Constitution commands, by raising taxes if necessary. The only thing standing in the way of doing right by our children are the lawless Tea-Publicans in the Arizona legislature (and those who aid and abet them). Governor Ducey would be rendered a lame duck.

You, the voters of this state, have in your hands the power to hold these lawless criminals accountable for their crime, if only you would exercise your vote to do so. Do it for our children’s future. Elect a Democratic legislature in November.

All true, but this brings us to the last item about trust. Does anyone trust an electorate that does not vote to do the right thing?

Actually I do trust the legislature and the Guv. I trust that they will continue to say to public education and our children: Let them eat crap.

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