Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Proposed budget: Kids might Care but Dicey and the GOPlins don't

Actually they do care - about businesses and private schools

Here's the rundown on some items in the proposed budget from Howard Fischer in the Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required for Scriber - but carried in this morning's Daily Star for my readers).

The Koch Brothers Institutes, aka "economic freedom schools,” get their funding.

University funding would increase by $32 million, though $5 million of that is earmarked for “economic freedom schools,” research centers at the University of Arizona and Arizona State University that don’t produce degrees. ...

K-12 schools would benefit from compromises that scale back cuts in funding proposed by Ducey in January. The benefits would include relief to charter schools, who were set to lose funds due to the elimination of small school weight funding, as well as $600,000 in cuts to district-sponsored charter schools, as opposed to the roughly $1.2 million cut proposed by the governor.

Oh, good on ya, lege. You are only going to cut $600,000 from K-12 charter schools. And this counts as support for public ed because ...?

K-12 schools will still be required to use a new, current year funding model to determine their budget needs – a shift estimated to cost schools roughly $31 million. Yarbrough said the budget includes $15.5 million to the school site fund, which will be distributed to schools to help cover that loss.

Oh, double good on ya. The lege is going to cut only another $15.5 million out of public ed.

The budget also includes tax cuts, as promised by Ducey, who’s vowed to lower taxes each year he’s in office. A package of roughly 10 corporate tax cut measures will eliminate roughly $26 million in state revenues, according to Yarbrough. So is a tax break for Grand Canyon University, a move pushed by Yarbrough since 2014. ...

Yarbrough defended the [tax break for Grand Canyon], which he characterized as a tax break for a school that has invested heavily in development in a part of Phoenix that’s been otherwise unattractive to developers.

And what of the plan to bring funding for Kids Care to a vote?

The budget lacks one crucial item: a restoration of KidsCare, a health insurance program for children of the working poor that state health officials estimate could provide coverage for more than 30,000 Arizona kids. Senate President Andy Biggs has killed a bill that, despite overwhelming support in the House, would use federal dollars to bring back the program, which lawmakers halted as a cost-saving measure during the recession.

Yarbrough said the program is not included in the budget as it will be introduced, and declined to speculate if it may be pushed as an amendment to the budget on the Senate and House floor.

30,710 is the number. The number of kids that will be denied health coverage by the Phouls in Phoenix. I guess they have better plans for how to spend the billion dollar surplus.

One more thing.

... several rank-and-file Republicans, after being briefed on the plan, still grumbled that it doesn’t include enough funding for K-12 schools.

Goes to show ya. The Republican "leaders" do not spit only on Democrats. They show the same disregard to their fellow Republicans.

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