Thursday, May 12, 2016

Another view of 123: GOPlins steal from our kids

Yep. I know. Nothing new there. Tom Danehy at Tucson Weekly closes his column with a damning description of our lawbreakers and their chiefs.

... I hear the impassioned pleas of "The schools and the teachers desperately need the money."

Well, they needed the money back in 2008 when the scoundrels came to the teachers, hat in hand, asking for a one-time pass on upholding their constitutional obligations. And they needed it in 2009 when the crooks in the Legislature figured, "Heck, we got away with it last year. Let's do it again."

The schools needed it in 2010 and 2011, when the back-stabbers didn't even give a thought to doing their damn jobs. They needed it in 2012 and 2013, when the courts started landing on the Legislature. And they've needed it ever since, while the legislative thieves and scalawags lost in court and then decided to ignore the Constitution and the separation of powers.

Proposition 123 is a good deal only for the vile crooks who wrote it. In personal terms, it's as though they owed me $20, then took $10 out of my left pocket, skimmed off $3 to give to their rich buddies, then gave me $7 to put in my right pocket. That's not compromise; that's theft. Put simply, I don't trust Douche-y, Biggs, et al to act in the best interest of Arizona's kids, EVER! If Prop 123 passes, I don't believe the money will end up where it's supposed to. They'll figure out a way to steal it and give it to their buddies.

Most disgustingly, we're told by Douche-y and the others that 123 is "a first step." If that's the case, what comes next? Indentured servitude

We're in the final few days of the special election on May 17. None of us are any wiser for the back-and-forth about Prop 123 -- chant "One two three, nothing in it for me" - or whatever you prefer.

Linda Lyon, the other contributor to the SkyIslandScriber blog, and Scriber have diametrically opposing views of how to vote on it. (Remember Ducey's Choice .) But we are comrades in arms when it comes to what to do after the vote - and that is throw the anti-education SOBs out, out, out. We know who they are. We just need to get on with the messy job of house cleaning. One, two, three: No roaches for me!

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