Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ducey: "The issue is behind us." Will it bite "us" in their collective a$$?

The "us" being Ducey and Reagan and Brnovich.

  • Gov. Doug "Art of the deal" Ducey who masterminded Prop 123 and conned state education leaders and almost everyone else into believing that taking from education future to pay for education present was a good idea.

  • Secretary of State Michele Reagan whose startling ineptitude led to half a million voters not receiving their information pamphlets until well after the voting had started.

  • Attorney General Mark Brnovich who admits that Reagan broke the law but, shrug, what can he do about it?

I guess "Step 2" for education funding is getting the issue "behind us." Once behind us, out of sight, out of mind, problem solved. With a little help from a feckless Secretary of State and a helpless Attorney General.

You think I'm being too harsh on these people? Try Laurie Roberts' blistering commentary at Here is some of it.

By Reagan’s own accounting, an estimated 536,936 early voters didn’t get the publicity pamphlet on time, as required by law. No doubt, those 536,936 voters already knew every argument for why they should pass Prop. 123, allowing our leaders to tap the kids’ trust fund to pay the state’s. Prop. 123 supporters mounted a $5 million campaign full of smiling children to drill their arguments home.

What those 536,936 voters didn’t get? Access to the other side: opponents spent what little money they had having their “con” statements published in the publicity pamphlet.

Given that Prop. 123 passed with just 19,416 extra votes, Reagan’s ineptitude is significant.

And likely a game changer.

So now Prop. 123 is law – having passed with 50.9 percent of the vote -- and, as Ducey proclaimed this week, “the issue is behind us.”

Apparently so, thanks to a secretary of state who can’t be held accountable and an attorney general who announced five days before the election that Reagan broke the law but said there was nothing he could do about it.

Yet another 19,416 reasons to be skeptical about what the heck is going on in this state.

Remember this, Arizona.

Remember in November!

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