Thursday, May 19, 2016

Prop 123 was about trust, not education

All the facts were out there and, as State Sen. Steve Farley put it at a forum, the facts are pretty much agreed to by supporters and opponents of 123. Just for example, the fact is that if the state really wanted to "fix" public K-12, it would budget some of the state's billion dollar surplus for education and leave the state land trust alone. But also the fact is that the lawbreakers in Phoenix (aka Phouls) will continue to defund education just because they can. And the fact is, that Il Duce will fund tax breaks for corporations instead of budgeting for what the courts have ordered. So if AZ were really serious about funding education, there are ways to do it. But the facts also show that there are considerable grounds to distrust Dicey Ducey and the lawbreakers in the lege. And that, the distrust, is why the election results are undecided and won't be until week's end at the earliest.

So, while you are awaiting a final decision on 123, here's a reading list.

EJ Montini at The Republic/ makes the case that the Prop 123 was about trust.

AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona reports the latest results ("464,988 to 456,182, or 50.48% to 49.52%" favoring Prop 123) and bemoans the low voter turnout and has more to say about trust.

Blake Morlock at the Tucson Sentinel lists things Arizona needs to do regardless of how the vote on Prop 123 turns out.

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