Sunday, June 26, 2016

A sad end for an old man

David Fitzsimmons (Daily Star/ reports on an interview with Arizona's senior senile Senator John McCain. Here are some of his conclusions.

In spite of the astonishing fact the surgeon general’s report found that reading tweets from Donald Trump can cause impaired judgment, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, Arizona’s senior senator has decided to be Trump’s McChristie out McWest.

McCain is so desperate to placate Arizona’s racist birther base he recently blamed the rise of ISIS on Obama, overlooking a minor detail called George W. Bush and the invasion of Iraq. Speaking of strategic destabilizing blunders of a historic nature, Bush owns ISIS as much as McCain owns that prime-time fool, Sarah Palin, the disloyal ditz who cartwheeled in snowshoes for Trump after he sneered that her former running mate was anything but a war hero.

McCain once filled Barry Goldwater’s substantial shoes. Today he’s lost in them, like a flea in the Grand Canyon, joining the pompous posse of Arizona’s most pathetic Petticoat Junction extras backing Trump: Jan “Brain Freeze” Brewer and Uncle Joe “Jail-Bound” Arpaio.

Anytime Trump leaks trickle-down racism or dribbles lunatic theories, McCain will be shuffling next to him with a mop and smile because Trump accomplished what the Viet Cong could not do: Donald Trump broke McCain.

It’s a sad end for an old man.

Check out Fitz's column for Q&A from the interview.

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