Thursday, June 2, 2016

"Schools don’t need to ask for more taxpayer monies" (because of Prop 123)

Here's a letter to the editor opining that schools don't need more money. You got Prop 123, right?

Schools don’t need to ask for more taxpayer monies
Jun 1st, 2016 · by Reader Opinion · 0 Comments

With the recent passage of Prop 123, Arizona schools are now guaranteed funding in the amount of $350,000,000 each year for the next 10 years.

This does not include the funds they already get from recent override and bond election success.

That being said, there should now be no need for any school district to ask voters to pass another budget override or to pass any type of bond measure in order to make up for budget short comings for the next 10 years!

If the school districts need to ask the taxpayers for more funding, the districts should have to show exactly where they are spending the money gained from Prop 123. In other words, not without an audit!

R D Giles

Granted, this is just one person. So far. But Prop 123 was structured so as to put public education in the fiscal crosshairs no matter what the outcome. If "no", the legislature will act according to their convictions, namely that the voters don't want more money for education. If "yes", the legislators and their constituents will believe that education funding is "fixed" and more money is not needed. That is one angle on Ducey's Choice.

If this letter writer is a representative sample, the re-authorization of school overrides, which cost no additional tax money, are in danger. School districts could lose more than gained by Prop 123.

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