Sunday, June 12, 2016

Flake and McSally should take the quiz: "Do you support Donald Trump for president?"

Notice that I did not include Sen. John McCain in the list. He has already committed to Trump. He has failed to meaningfully address Trump's verbal excrement directed at women, Hispanics, Muslims, and anyone Trump perceives as a foe. McCain has failed to address Trump's ridiculous statements about our allies and enemies. McCain even ignores Trump's vitriol directed at McCain.

McCain cannot have it both ways. If he supports Trump, he buys all of Trump's nastiness. He cannot support Trump and disavow everything Trump has ever said.

That's the quandary our other Senator is in. Sarah Geracht Gassen has a great column in today's Daily Star in which she explores Flake's problem: he really wants to believe that Trump will be OK in the end, but cannot stomach Trump's vile attacks.

So maybe Trump is just lying about what he thinks to get votes.

This is somehow better?

That view is not a plus for Flake.

Rep. Martha McSally, on the other hand, is dodging the issue, claiming it will take her five months to figure it out.

We should be asking this question, and the answer, including an explanation of one’s thought process, like Flake’s present quandary, is meaningful. It’s a test of character, of party brand loyalty versus personal principle.

The implications of some questions reveal more than the answer alone.

“Do you support Donald Trump for president?” is just such a question.

Sen. Flake and Rep. McSally should just answer the question.

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