Saturday, June 18, 2016

Goldwater widow: Trump is "shallow - so, so shallow"

Barry Goldwater's widow is repelled by Trump: "Ugh or yuck is my response." Snippets from the Washington Post story follow.

Trump hopes to bask in the glow of the Goldwater legacy when he holds a fundraiser Saturday at the late Arizona senator's landmark estate in Paradise Valley — the same home, in a wealthy enclave of Phoenix, from which Goldwater launched his presidential campaign a half-century ago.

The fundraiser is today, so we might get more news coverage on it tomorrow.

But one important person is queasy about Trump's plans to campaign there: Goldwater's widow.

“Ugh or yuck is my response," Susan Goldwater Levine said Thursday night when called by a reporter. "I think Barry would be appalled that his home was being used for that purpose. Barry would be appalled by Mr. Trump’s behavior — the unintelligent and unfiltered and crude communications style. And he’s shallow — so, so shallow.”

Levine said she finds Trump's candidacy "crazy and inappropriate" and a striking contrast to the political career of her late husband, whom she said acted in public life as "a genuine humanist and a straight-talking but fair-thinking gentleman."

I can't believe we are doing this as a country," she said of Trump's candidacy. "Barry was so true to his convictions and would never be issuing these shallow, crude, accusatory criticisms of the other party or the other person."

Asked what the late senator would think of Trump as the Republican Party's nominee, Levine said: "Barry would be appalled and ashamed. He held the office in high regard."

She added, "No matter how he was feeling, he would conduct himself with dignity and pride — because as the candidate or as the president, it’s required.”

This is not the first time Levine — or other members of the Goldwater family — have spoken out against Trump. In March, Barry Goldwater Jr., the senator's son who grew up to enter the family business and become a Republican congressman from California, called Trump "an authoritarian" and "a cowboy."

“I don’t think there’s any comparison at all with Barry Goldwater,” he told MSNBC's Tony Dokoupil. “Donald Trump is an authoritarian. Barry Goldwater had principles, and he was a gentleman. Donald Trump is a cowboy.”

The response by the current owners of the Goldwater estate, "Robert and Karen Hobbs, area business and civic leaders" illustrate just how badly Trump has screwed up the Republican party.

Reached Thursday night, Robert Hobbs said the Trump campaign asked him if he would host the fundraiser at the old Goldwater home. He said he does not know Trump but agreed to host the event out of loyalty to the Republican Party.

“Barry was a good, solid Republican and was conservative," Hobbs said. "I’m not sure that Donald Trump is conservative, but he’s who our nominee is.”

Asked to respond to Levine's criticisms, Hobbs suggested that her opinion was less important because she was Goldwater's second wife. Goldwater remarried after his first wife, Margaret, passed away.

“She was his second wife; she’s not his first wife," Hobbs said. "So she came along later in life.... She’s entitled to her opinion, but Barry was a Republican and Donald Trump’s a Republican, and we’re going to support whoever the Republican nominee is."

So Hobbs doesn't believe Trump is a conservative, but will support him in spite of fundamental differences in values. Trump really does have the GOP tied in knots.

And then there is the disparaging of the "second wife". Or, in the case of Trump, the third? AZBlueMeanie hits Hobbs on this one.

Oooh, you’re just a nasty SOB, aren’t you Mr. Hobbs. Second wives don’t count? Tell that to Cindy McCain. And since you knew Barry, you know that if he were still with us he would kick your ass for so rudely insulting his wife.

Rachel Maddow reported on this as well. You can watch her video here. The segment on the fundraiser at the Goldwater estate starts at about 3 minutes.

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