Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hispanic GOP commentator disgusted by Trump's attacks on judge

Hey, lady? It's your party that is lining up behind Trump. Or at least trying to swallow his impending nomination (gag, retch, barf). Ana Navarro's comments are summarized in this piece from TalkingPointsMemo.

In a roundtable on CNN Friday, commentator and GOP strategist Ana Navarro launched into an impassioned rebuttal of Donald Trump's recent comments against Latinos including his continued allusion to the Trump University judge's "Mexican" heritage.

Navarro warned Trump's comments will have consequences on election day.

"What he's doing is disgusting. I'm livid about it, and if this is his strategy to win over Hispanics, he's got a hell of a wake-up call coming to him come November," Navarro said on CNN.

Navarro, who is also a lawyer, said that Trump's comments were "offensive from a legal perspective" and "highly offensive as a Hispanic."

Navarro accused Trump of "wagging the dog" with the comments.

"He's trying to distract from the fact that he has got a problem with the case where there are allegations that his business is a scam and a fraud. How dare he, how dare he question a judge's responsibility, a judge's adherence to the Constitution because he's of Mexican descent?" Navarro said. "This man was born in east Chicago. He's an American citizen. He's just as American as Donald Trump."

Not true. With respect to the rule of law, the judge is more American than Trump.

For more on legal scholars' concerns about Trump's disrespect for the rule of laws, see this story in the Daily Star this morning.

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