Thursday, June 23, 2016

"Now is the time to get in the way" - John Lewis

The House Dems staged a sit-in on gun control bills. Here are snippets from the report at on the sit-in led by Rep. John Lewis.

House Representative John Lewis (D-GA) is no stranger to protest. As a leader during the Civil Rights Movement while he was still a young man, he organized sit-ins to protest segregation and marched to Selma to demand the vote. Today Lewis is demanding another vote — on gun control.

Led by Lewis, Democratic members of Congress occupied the House floor on Wednesday, staging a sit-in on the House floor to demand action on gun control. House Speaker Paul Ryan, in response, ordered the House break for lunch, shutting off the cameras and effectively closing the session to press.

And denying the public information about the sit-in. It didn't work. Members of the sit-in used social media to provide a feed to C-Span.

If Ryan wants an orderly chamber, he should open up the procedures and have the vote on gun control. Mr. Ryan, what's in your wallet?

Lewis also said that the members don’t have any intention of leaving any time soon.

"Too many — too many of our children, too many of our sisters and brothers, our mothers and fathers, our friends, our cousins are dying by guns, and we have to do something about it. We cannot wait. We cannot afford to take a break and go home,” Lewis said. “We should stay here until we pass the bills.”

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