Friday, June 10, 2016

President Obama endorses Hillary Clinton, Sanders to continue

Here are snippets from the news flash from the New York Times.

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Thursday formally endorsed Hillary Clinton and called her the most qualified candidate to seek the White House, imploring Democrats to come together to elect her after a bruising party primary.

In a video posted on Mrs. Clinton’s Facebook page, Mr. Obama said, “I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.”

Mr. Obama is impatient to begin playing an active role in the race to succeed him, and his administration has been in talks with Mrs. Clinton’s team in recent days about how and where he could be most helpful to her.

He also praised Mr. Sanders — who had left the White House about 90 minutes before the video was posted — for what he called an “incredible campaign.” He said the Vermont senator’s emphasis on addressing income inequality, reducing the influence of money in politics, and bringing young people into the political process would strengthen the party.

“Embracing that message is going to help us win in November,” the president said.

TalkingPointsMemo has the story on Sanders' reaction to his meeting earlier with Obama.

His hour-long meeting with the President reportedly focused on fostering unity within the Democratic Party.

Nevertheless, Sanders said he would continue to the DC primary.

Running through his stump speech promises of rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure, beefing up social security and ending college debt, Sanders said, “These are the issues that we'll take to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.”

The Vermont senator said he would “of course” be competing in the final Democratic primary in Washington, D.C. next week, ...

In spite of his insistence that Democratic race is not yet over, he said he would seek ways of working together with Clinton to defeat Trump and to make the government more representative.

Sanders applauded Hillary Clinton, whose delegate lead pushed past the total needed to clinch the Democratic nomination after a big win in California on Tuesday, for her “strong campaign.” The next step, he said, was going after presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“I look forward to meeting with her in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat Donald Trump and create a government which represents all of us and not just the one percent,” Sanders said.

Sanders knocked Trump for making “bigotry and discrimination” the “cornerstone” of his campaign, saying he’d do “everything in my power” to prevent a Trump presidency.

Also from TPM: Sanders was not surprised by the endorsement. The White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest "said during his daily media briefing that Obama had spoken with Sanders several times in the last week."

Sanders is reported to accept Clinton as the nominee. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid talked to the press on Capitol Hill after a meeting with Sanders. Roll Call reports.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday that he believes Bernie Sanders has accepted Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee.

"I didn't hear a single word about him wanting to change the fact that she's the nominee." Reid said after meeting with his fellow senator on Capitol Hill. "I think he's accepted that."

So far, so good. The big players, Democratic ones that is, are proceeding with grace and dignity.

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