Sunday, June 19, 2016

Short takes: McCain's McMedia, giant sea tortoises, Trump in denial, and more

McCain's messaging is helped by McMedia. AZBlueMeanie takes down the mainstream media for their acceptance of history according to McCain. In McCain's rhetoric, Obama is responsible for the Iraq war, for ISIS, for Orlando, for everything. What the media don't admit: McCain was complicit in all that.

Update "The punk who would be president." Yesterday I posted a summary of Garrison Keillor's article on Trump. In it, he said Trump "has the sensibility of a giant sea tortoise." On behalf of Keillor, I apologize to giant sea tortoises. I know some sea tortoises from Sipadan Island. They have far more sensibility than Despicable Donnie Trump.

"Trump’s poll numbers are historically awful. And he doesn’t even know it." Clinton is building a real, solid lead. Lots of voters don't like her, but far more voters detest Trump. Check out Greg Sargent's Plum Line.

Trump is in first stage of grief. Or so it seems to me. He just brushes off the bad news (from TPM report). The first stage of grief is denial.

GOP Senators beyond first stage of grief. "They’re whistling past the graveyard,” said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, when asked about GOP skepticism of a presidential coattail effect in 2016. “To deny there’s coattails is laughable. It’s a very polarized era.” See "Senate GOP deeply concerned over Trump effect:" "Senate Republicans are deeply concerned that Donald Trump will cost them their majority, despite private assurances from leaders that voters opposed to the presumptive GOP presidential nominee will split their ballots."

Dems push vulnerable GOP senators on gun control. "In their efforts to regain the majority of the upper chamber,Democratic Senate candidates are highlighting GOP incumbents' opposition to a measure that would bar suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms as well as one to expand background checks." State by state details are reported by The Hill which provides this heads-up. "Their renewed push sets the stage for a major clash with Republicans on Monday when votes on several gun control measures are expected."

From Russia with Love. Just when you thought it could not get worse ... AZBlueMeanie highlights the close business ties between Trump, his staffers, and the Russian oligarchs. Unlike certain U. S. Senators, I don't think Putin will bend over for Trump.

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