Saturday, June 25, 2016

Stump dumps on Trump

There is a great scene in Back to the Future in which Michael Fox/Marty McFly lures the bully into rear-ending a truck full of manure - with the result that the bully gets covered in cows#!t. Arizona Corporation Commissioner Bob Stump just did that to Donald Trump.

Before we proceed, a disclosure is in order. I still think that Stump's email records should be open, public, and part of the case against the ACC and its connections with APS. But I have to be fair on this. Stump is on target when it comes to Despicable Donnie.

Here are some of the Q&A from the interview with Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required).

ACT: Imagine you’re shipwrecked, and you have to choose between two islands –

Stump: Oh, boy.

ACT: – one with Donald Trump on it and the other with a hungry hyena. Would you take your chances with Trump or with the hyena?

Stump: Well, I would choose me an island with a hyena because hyenas are edible. If I were with Donald Trump, I might fear for my life since I’m well aware of what happened to the Donner Party.

ACT: Why do you think there are so very few of you (Republicans who have publicly denounced Trump)?

Stump: I have the luxury, of course, of being term-limited. Many of my colleagues, I understand, are between a rock and a hard place. You have the issue of party loyalty, but then you have the issue of loyalty to country. When I see a candidate, no matter what his party affiliation, who appears to be a deranged thug, who revels in his vulgarity, a pathological liar who loves dictators, a fornicator, and that’s the only apt word – boy, I sound like a jerk – and surely the biggest con artist to ever run for president, then I feel, as I have to, to stay true to my principles and not keep silent.

ACT: In addition to the many descriptions you made today, you’ve called Donald Trump or referred to him as uncouth, sexist, a clown, incoherent, demagogue, deeply disturbed, and an individual with a distorted sense of manhood. What kind of a party nominates as its candidate for the country’s highest office an individual who is uncouth, sexist, clown, incoherent, demagogue, deeply disturbed, and with a distorted sense of manhood?

Stump: Well, I hope my party will rise to the occasion in Cleveland and recognize the errors of its ways, and I hope the delegates, indeed, choose someone else… The question becomes: Is Trump a symptom or a cause of what I think is a certain Kardashian culture. He certainly is a Kardashian candidate. There is a sense of frustration among Republicans that the party has betrayed them, and so, instead of reforming the party, they want to burn it to the ground. And I think much of their impulse to support Trump appears to be less due to some of his specific policy positions, and more, again, to use an operatic image, a sense of twilight of the gods. They want to burn Valhalla to the ground, and of course, Valhalla was destroyed in Wagner’s opera due to the hubris of the gods, and so it’s the hubris on the part of some Republican elected officials that have caused many Republicans to look to a man who is certainly burning the Republican Party to the ground.

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