Thursday, June 23, 2016

Trump faults Clinton for her religion, adds Methodists to his ban on Muslims

Not really, but the first part is true. TalkingPointsMemo reports on Trump's introduction of religion into the presidential campaign - and Clinton's response.

Hillary Clinton pointedly nodded at her Methodist faith at a Wednesday rally, one day after Donald Trump said there was “nothing out there” about her religious beliefs.

“We have a responsibility to lift each other up. As we Methodists like to say, do all the good you can to all the people you can in all the ways you can,” Clinton told a noisy crowd in Raleigh, North Carolina.

While Clinton has mentioned her religious beliefs several times during the 2016 race, Trump told evangelical leaders at meeting Tuesday in Manhattan that there was no on-the-record evidence of her faith.

The business mogul, a Presbyterian, has made inroads with the evangelical community despite a few missteps. During a visit to Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s Liberty University, Trump mistakenly referred to the Second Corinthians Bible verse as “Two Corinthians.” He also was confused by the communion plate at a church service in Iowa earlier this year, pulling out bills because he thought it was time for the offering.

I wonder if he pulled bills out of the offering plate.

Now, I am quite sure that there is "nothing out there" on my own religious beliefs. Will Despicable Donnie send his Faith Fauxlice after me? Or you?

See how silly (and un-constitutional) it is to even hint at some religious litmus test for qualification for the presidency.

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