Monday, June 20, 2016

Trump isn't the first: The first America Firsters

What do American icons like Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, and William Randolph Hearst have in common? They were firm believers in "America First." Back then, in the 1930s, that was a slogan and political organization supportive of Nazism. Lindbergh and Ford received medals from Nazi leaders. Hearst thought that the New Deal was to the left of communism. All three were enemies of FDR. Had all that occurred in war time, those individuals would have been guilty of treason.

Donald Trump, in trumpeting his "America First" tweet, is one more sad example of the embrace of Nazism by a few prominent Americans. Trump may not yet be treasonous, but he is treacherous.

These are dark and dangerous times for our democracy.

"Trump Last."

AZBlueMeanie details the history of "America First" at Blog for Arizona.

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