Monday, June 20, 2016

Trump reveals plans for infrastructure jobs at Phoenix rally

Here are snippets from the Daily Star.

During a 40-minute speech, Trump repeatedly reminded the crowd, which filled about half of the arena, of his pledge to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

He predicted that without securing borders and building the wall, the U.S. would continue to suffer violent attacks from Islamic terrorists.

Describing empty, rusted-out towns he has seen across the country, he vowed to bring jobs back to the United States, saying Latinos will support him for that reason.

Trump provided some details about his plans for creating those jobs. He said he was well along in planning for the construction of the wall designed to keep Latinos out of the U. S. Trump clarified: "Latinos will support me when they are back in their homes in Mexico."

Following onto his many business ventures, like Trump Steak, Trump Towers, Trump Tampons, and the sexual aid known as the Trump Tickler, he is launching new companies with corresponding brands, Trump Fabrication and Trump Erections. Both, Trump explained, are consistent with his values and campaign claims.

"We will make up stuff," Trump said in reference to his Fabrication company. "Nobody can make stuff up like I can."

As for Trump Erections, Trump said "They will be huge. Believe it. Huge."

Disclosure: Only those indented quotes appeared in the Daily Star. The rest are plausible delusional Trump statements.

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