Friday, July 8, 2016

A letter to the editor: Donald Trump's Art of the Steal

Following was submitted as a letter to the Daily Star editor.

Re: the July 7 letter "Vote for Donald Trump"

The writer of that letter falsely accuses Clinton of "a strong record of failure, distrust and shady deals" while claiming, also falsely, that Trump has a "strong record of accomplishment."

I beg to differ. PolitiFact has characterized Clinton as one of the most honest politicians and Trump as being the least honest politician ever!

What counts as an accomplishment "in the best interest of the American people"? Trump University? Trump Institute? Atlantic City casino? Serial bankruptcies? Stiffing small-business contractors? Dealings with mob-related companies? Repeated lies in social media? Those are the real "shady deals" that represent the Art of the Steal that Trump offers America.

Trump is the real deal - a really bad deal, that is. Don't waste your vote on this charlatan.

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