Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bernie Sanders charged, indicted, tried, convicted, and sentenced by ... ???

... his own supporters.


To put it succinctly: "Bernie Sanders turned out to be a relatively rational politician who understands that getting a good portion of what he wants via a Clinton presidency is a hell of a lot better than getting nothing and watching the world burn under Donald Trump." (From the target post linked below.)

Maybe the problem is Bernie's campaign is actually talking to Hillary's campaign. Like, you know, what civil leaders used to do? Or perhaps the problem is that, by one account, Sanders is getting 80% of what he wanted in the Democratic party platform - only 80%? Not 100%? Or perhaps the problem is Pavlovian conditioned reflexes: Hate Hillary, Hate Hillary!

Here is a small sample of the dozens of posts to Sanders' Facebook page via the article in The Daily Banter.

If Bernie sells out especially given what was disclosed today and the new investigations to follow, he will have betrayed his supporters.

Bernie, I’m already feeling crushed and defeated at the idea of not taking this all the way to the convention. I already feel like giving up. You cannot endorse Clinton. You just can’t. Think of how hard all of us have worked for you. We will never back Hillary, and neither should you. Show these posts to the democrats. #NeverHillary

Don’t do it Bernie! I’ve donated money and will immediately start backing Trump or another. Will not vote for her this will ruin you.

A Bernie supporter backing Trump? Buster, you were not all in with Bernie in the first place.

Additional commentary is in the piece in The Daily Banter by Chez Pazienza: Bernie Sanders Is About To Endorse Hillary Clinton, So of Course He's Now an Enemy of the #BernieOrBust Crowd.

I've written a hell of a lot about Bernie Sanders this election season. But the very first thing I wrote about him was ten long months ago and it had to do with what anyone who pays close attention to politics would have understood was a certainty about his campaign: that if he in fact won, his fanatical base would quickly turn against him. The reason? Because running for government is different than actually governing, with the latter requiring little things like nuance and compromise, qualities Sanders's most ardent supporters consider anathema to their mission statement. Sanders would have a choice as president: be a strident ideologue and get absolutely nothing done as he faced down an obstructionist Congress, or be willing to bend and see himself burned in effigy and declared an "enemy of the revolution" by the very people who used to worship him.

Well, as I said from the very beginning, Bernie Sanders isn't going to win the presidency. He isn't even going to win the nomination. But that doesn't mean those rabid "Berniecrat" Burniecrat disciples won't get the chance to fulfill their political destiny. Because it looks very much like this coming week will see the endorsement of Clinton by Sanders -- and the mere thought of that is already opening up the floodgates and unleashing the vengeful wrath of the Sanders faithful upon Sanders himself. The good folks at Forward Progressives have done the heavy lifting for us, compiling a giant pile of bitter, angry commentary from Sanders's Facebook page, all from the juvenile #BernieOrBust and #NeverHillary hashtag warriors and all aimed, for a change, directly at their former object of exaltation. To put it simply, Bernie Sanders is now, in their eyes, an establishment shill, a traitor, a neo-liberal -- you know, all those things any and every supporter of Hillary Clinton have been castigated as over most of the past year. (Cue the chants of "One of us! One of us!")

According to Forward Progressives -- and you can go look for yourself if you feel so inclined -- there are literally dozens and dozens more of these kinds of comments [see above] on Sanders's Facebook page. All because Bernie Sanders turned out to be a relatively rational politician who understands that getting a good portion of what he wants via a Clinton presidency is a hell of a lot better than getting nothing and watching the world burn under Donald Trump. Because he's not a magical progressive unicorn who'd sooner kneel on the steps of the Capitol and ritually self-immolate rather than compromise with the dreaded establishment for the greater good, he's now the enemy of the very people who made him a God.

Like me, many of you resonated to Sanders' economic message and voted for him in the primary. Now we must decide whether we are Berniecrats or Burniecrats. The distinction is simple. Berniecrats carry on.

Let history not say of us: "We watched the world burn."


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