Monday, July 25, 2016

Bernie says don't be suckers

Actually, the Daily Kos version is "Don't take the bait because Bernie isn't."

That's in reference to the leaked emails (assuming their veracity) that show shenanigans behind the DNC scenes in which staff was trying to tilt the nomination process away from Sanders. Come on. He already knew that and called for Wasserman Schultz's resignation months ago. (BTW: he got that too - a little late - but she is resigning. and Donna Brazile will be interim DNC chair.) In Scriber's opinion, and I am not alone, Clinton won the nomination in spite of all that noise, not because of it. But this is the digression that Bernie warns against.

The Daily Kos piece has links to clips of Bernie interviews.

The top item on progressive's agenda in the next 100 days MUST be to defeat Trump and Trumpism, and to elect as many progressives as possible, and that includes Clinton/Kaine. You cannot keep the Bernie movement alive if the levers of power reside with Trump. Vote Clinton/Kaine and then keep the pressure on. That's what Bernie will do.

UPDATE: The New York Times reports that those emails were obtained by Russian intelligence agencies during a year of hacked access to DNC computers. Other than connecting Trump's statements about NATO to Russian interests (snippet below), it's not clear where this one goes - yet.

On Sunday morning, the issue erupted, as Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, argued on ABC’s “This Week” that the emails were leaked “by the Russians for the purpose of helping Donald Trump” citing “experts” but offering no other evidence. Mr. Mook also suggested that the Russians might have good reason to support Mr. Trump: The Republican nominee indicated in an interview with The New York Times last week that he might not back NATO nations if they came under attack from Russia — unless he was first convinced that the countries had made sufficient contributions to the Atlantic alliance.

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