Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Breaking: Sanders enthusiastically endorses Clinton

Blogging live starting at 8:00 AM, watching MSNBC reporting the campaign appearance of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire.

8:10. While we await the appearance of the two candidates, we are treated to another GOP attempt to smear Clinton about her use of emails in a House committee hearing. Of course, the GOPlins will never investigate Trump University and Trump Institute and Trump's use of mob-related businesses and Trump's bankruptcies and Trump's secret tax returns.

8:23. Bernie starts addressing the audience - with Hillary at his side. Bernie recaps his grass-roots, small-donation campaign. "That revolution continues. " "Together we will continue to fight for a government that represents all of us and not just the 1%."

8:27. "Secretary Clinton has won ... and I congratulate her for that." "She will be the Democratic candidate ...". Bernie pledges his support for her winning the election.

8:29. "I am endorsing Hillary Clinton ... she must become our next president."

8:31. "This campaign is about [addressing] the needs of the American people ... Clinton is the very best candidate to do that."

8:32. Bernie continues with his messaging on economic inequalities. Inadequate wages, rigged for the top 1%, raising the minimum to a living wage, building new jobs by repairing our infrastructure. He says Clinton understands those things. Trump will do the opposite.

8:35. Election is about getting a Supreme Court that will overturn Citizens United, defend a woman's right to choose, defend LGBT community rights, defend workers' rights, and governmental protection of our environment. Think about the justices that Trump will nominate and what that means for our future.

8:37. Campaign is about moving the US toward universal health care. Clinton wants people to have the ability to choose a public option and wants an expanded Medicare, including low cost prescription drugs.

8:40. Trump wants to abolish ACA and throw 20M people off of insurance. "We need more people with access to high-quality health care, not fewer." Clinton agrees Medicare must negotiate for lower prices with drug companies.

8:42. Clinton knows, he says, about the "grotesque" income inequality not seen since the 1920s. Clinton wants tax codes fairer and more progressive; Trump wants to give more tax breaks to the wealthy. Clinton believes that student debt must be lowered and higher education must be available to students regardless of their parents' incomes.

8:45. Hillary listens to the scientists on climate change. She understands the need to move our economy away from fossil fuels. Trump rejects science, believes that climate change is a hoax.

8:50. The two campaigns produced the by far most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic party. Now we need a Democratic Senate and House and a Clinton presidency. "I intend to be in every corner of this country to make sure that that happens."

Bernie's kudos just keep getting stronger. "I am proud to stand with her today!"

Got to put this to rest to meet my 9:00 AM deadline. You'll find the full video on YouTube, I am sure.

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