Friday, July 8, 2016

Clinton's email investigation: Will it ever be over?

My good friend Al Riley (my major professor in grad school) fowarded an email asking "Will it ever be over?" The originator, Jack Archer, comments as follows.

If you are exhausted by the email nonsense, and perplexed by the statement by the FBi director yesterday that both exonerated Clinton and attempted to do her as much harm as possible, join the queue.

I have had second thoughts about the performance put on yesterday by FBI Director Comey. It was not what it appeared to be. He stated, incorrectly the State Dept now says, that emails bore classified markings at the time they were sent or rec'd by Clinton. It now appears that Comey was referring to only two emails, out of tens of thousands, and that these two emails were incorrectly marked "through human error", according to the State Dept., during the investigation. Two emails! Out of what, more than 30,000! And marked incorrectly! And that misinformation is the basis for the director's reckless charge that Clinton and her staff were extremely careless in their handling of her emails?

Back in my army days, having had a Top Secret (and more) clearance, I am more than a little familiar with classified communications. This is the first I've heard of a (c) being evidence of the classification Confidential. Might not that be understood, in passing, as (a), (b), (c), ...? And they may have been marked incorrectly anyhow. And that (c) business applies to only 3 out of over 30,000 documents according to Comey today.

I was watching some of the Comey testimony before the House Oversight committee just now (morning, July 7th). In the followup punditry by CNN's Wolf Blitzer and panel, Blitzer kept ragging on how "careless" Clinton was. But his legal counsel spiked that approach. She noted that the legal questions were two: intentionality and gross negligence. The evidence on both counts, by Comey's own admission, was not prosecutable. The legal counsel went on to criticize Comey for moving outside of the legal arena and into the courtroom of public opinion in which his label of "careless" was an opinion about character and not culpability.

As for the question, my opinion is no, the House Republicans will not let go. Even after all Comey's testimony, the Oversight chair, Jason Chaffetz, said he was going to send another request to the FBI charging Clinton with lying to Congress. I guess that's because of Comey's opinion that she should have known that some of the documents were classified even though not marked as such. It's a continuation of the Hate Hillary movement in Congress.

The questions I would put to Chaffetz, Ryan, et al. are "Why do you ignore the dirty dealings by Trump, the candidate you all despise and love?" And "Why do you want the Art of the Steal for America?"

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