Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dallas Police Chief: Thoughts and prayers are not enough

"Dallas Police Chief Tells Congress To Shove Their Thoughts And Prayers: ‘Do Your Jobs!’ "" is the title of the article in The Dallas Chief is "fed up." So should we all.

It started out as an observation, then it turned into a joke, and but it’s become downright insulting. Each time America suffers from another horrific mass shooting, Republicans in Congress send their “thoughts and prayers” and do absolutely nothing else. Rather than work towards solutions, conservative politicians have found that merely saying a prayer before bed somehow absolves them of their reprehensible inaction towards gun violence.

And Dallas Police Chief David Brown, like so many of us, is absolutely fed up.

At a press conference updating the country about the investigation into the ambush of police officers in Dallas following a peaceful anti-police brutality march, he didn’t remain silent about the culpability of Congress. In short, Chief Brown has had a lot of long days trying to fulfill his obligation to the public and get answers, but he’s noticed lawmakers can’t say the same. It’s been business as usual – and that means no business on finding solutions to mass shootings.

Dallas police have every right to feel frustrated and sickened by the response from both their state Republican Party and the ones in Washington, D.C. Law enforcement agencies have repeatedly warned pro-gun lawmakers that these fanatical pushes to put guns in every citizen’s hands and in every corner of public life means putting both civilians and cops at risk. It makes policing harder. It makes mass murder easier. And it makes the lines between “good guy with a gun” and “bad guy with a gun” impossible to separate.

To be clear, Democrats need to bear some responsibility for inaction as well. After massacres at Sandy Hook and Aurora, there was motivation from Americans to finally fix this problem – and Democrats let it slip through their fingers. Following Orlando, progressive lawmakers seemed to show signs that enough was enough, but they need to keep at it.

The way forward is simple: Congress needs to put the lives of American citizens above the “rights” of an AR-15. Do. Your. Jobs.

h/t Paul McCreary

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