Thursday, July 7, 2016

House Speaker Paul Ryan set to impanel special committee on Clinton emails

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says she is accepting the FBI recommendation on Clinton's emails.. The FBI recommended no charges and Director Comey indicated that no reasonable prosector would do so.

However, those House Republicans who were Comey fans the day before yesterday, turned on him yesterday and began their own investigation.

Comey will field questions Thursday from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about an FBI announcement that dispersed the threat of criminal charges but also revived public scrutiny of Clinton's handling of classified information.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Wednesday that she accepted the recommendations and findings of Comey and of her career prosecutors and would not file charges against Clinton. Lynch is likely to face questions of her own next week at a separate oversight hearing of the House Judiciary Committee.

About the title of this post? It's my prediction. The House Republicans intend to inflict Trump on America and this would be one more step on their march to disaster.

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