Friday, July 29, 2016

Kahn who lost a son serving in Iraq to Trump: "You have sacrificed nothing."

Of the many speakers at the convention last night, the New York Times says this.

... the most powerful guest speaker of the evening was Khizr Khan, a Muslim American whose son joined the Army after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and was killed during service in Iraq. Mr. Khan, rebuking Mr. Trump for frequently demonizing Muslims as threats to the United States, pulled a copy of the Constitution out of his suit jacket.

“Mr. Trump, have you even read the Constitution?” he said. “You have sacrificed nothing.”

His words seemed to send a collective shiver through the convention hall, leaving some delegates in tears.

To the best of my knowledge, Donald Trump has spent not one minute in the service of his country. Yet he threatens people like Khan with deportation, and disparages genuine heroes like John McCain.

Trump's many Vietnam era draft deferments have been made public - see the document by here. supplements the document with these observations.

... Trump had a physical exam in September 1968. He had taken one less than two years earlier that did not disqualify him for service as we can tell from his 1-A classification in July 1968. However, his second physical was followed in October with a new classification, 1-Y. That designation put him near the bottom of any call-up list. It meant he would only be drafted if there were a national emergency.

Until recently, the only detail on record about that shift was it was medically related. After his comments about McCain, Trump said it had to do with bone spurs in his heels. Trump reportedly was active in college sports, playing baseball, tennis and squash.

Trump had the opportunity to volunteer and the record speaks for itself that he did not.

Donald Trump, The Moscovian Candidate, has done nothing for his country other than selling us out to Russia.

Disclosure: Unlike Donald Trump I have a DD214 documenting three and a half years of service in the Army, 1963-1966. Not a draft, Donald, an enlistment that was taking the "opportunity to volunteer."

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