Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ohio gun laws feed Republican fears

Adam Gopnik's op-ed was featured in my post here a few days ago. He concluded that "The country is now clearly divided among those who want the killings and violence to stop and those who don’t." He asked "which side are you on?"

The Republicans in Congress, and state legislatures as well, have refused to even vote on common sense gun safety reforms that 80% of the American public want to see happen. In effect, the GOP stiffed the parents of the Sandy Hook kids (just for example). The GOP leaders have clearly come down as "those who don't" and are thereby complicit in the killings and violence. They are merchants of death whoring for the dollars from the NRA, the gun lobby, and the gun manufacturers.

From the NY Times Evening Briefing (email):

... concerns are rising over the potential for violence at next week’s Republican convention. Ohio laws allow firearms to be openly carried.

Perhaps the Republicans are set to experience an ugly part of the world that they have created.

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