Monday, August 15, 2016

Daily Trumpeter

From one who knows Trump: "he's not fit to be president" Jack O'Donnell worked for Trump and knows him well. Quoting his editorial in the Daily Star: The day Trump announced he was running for president — the day he declared war on all Mexican people by calling them rapists and drug dealers, and vowed to wall them out of the United States — I remember saying to myself aloud, “Oh my God, Donald Trump has not changed at all in 26 years!” How could someone not grow as a human being over all that time? Back then, Donald Trump’s ego was as big as it is today. He was short-tempered, he was judgmental without facts, he judged people based on their clothes or the color of their skin. His attention span was so small it was almost impossible to have a strategic conversation with him about the business. He would say something one minute and change his mind the next. He would demand something be done one way, only to criticize that directive later, never taking blame. He never said he was sorry for anything. He was crude and sexist toward women, he was a philandering fool publicly. He would humiliate his wife without a second thought. Scriber: Now think about what he would do - is doing - to the country.

From Ru$$ia with love. Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign manager, is named in Ukrainian documents. There are no charges (yet) but the investigation is ongoing. See this NY Times report: Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief which notes: "Handwritten ledgers show $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments designated for Mr. Manafort from Mr. Yanukovych’s pro-Russian political party from 2007 to 2012, according to Ukraine’s newly formed National Anti-Corruption Bureau. Investigators assert that the disbursements were part of an illegal off-the-books system whose recipients also included election officials."

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