Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Does Donald Trump have a terminal illness?

Just tweeted this one (Aug 29, 1:30pm).

The bogus health report (story from Daily Kos) prompts the following analogy.

Missing tax returns : Bankruptcy :: Bogus doctor report : Terminal illness

Update to the Update: Last night Rachel played some of the interview with the goofy GI doc Bornstein who wrote the ridiculous letter about Trump's health. He went on at some length about how we have elected unfit ("deranged") presidents in the past. He included the example of "Ike with polio." I'm not making it up. Mrs. Scriber heard the same thing.

BTW - he needed some support as evidenced by his wife being present. He's not getting any from the medical community.

Update: Steve Benen (MSNBC/MaddowBlog) reviews the weird letter and responses to it. He reports this interesting admission.

... the Washington Post noted, accurately, that “it’s clear we don’t have a particularly serious evaluation of what condition Trump’s health is in.” Given Trump’s conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton, it’s a curious dynamic.

But let’s not overlook the fact that Bornstein also told NBC News, in reference to Hillary Clinton, “I know her physician and I know some of her health history which is really not so good.”

Really? Clinton's physician violated confidentiality (as in HIPAA?). This guy just dug himself deeper into the cesspool he (and Trump?) opened up.

Here are similar comments on Benen's post.

This Trumpian doctor has a very loose idea of medical ethics, IMO. Discussing another doctor's patient in public without that patient's permission sounds to me like a major no-no. And, that's assuming that he really does know something about Clinton's health, which I seriously doubt.

I wish the interviewer had asked him to name her physician and then asked if her physician was guilty of discussing confidential information...

Scriber hopes that the symptoms - in this case lies upon lies, bragg, bullying and bullshit - will be politically speaking fatal with the terminal result for Donald what he hates most: loser.

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