Monday, August 22, 2016

No tax returns: The Art of the Deal, The Way of the Con

That is, here's another refusal to release Trump's tax returns (a flip-flop, actually) from Trump's new campaign manager, KelleyAnne Conway. You could consider this to be campaigning the Con Way.

It's not a conspiracy theory. Trump and his minions are bucking 40 years of history. They are hiding something. The only question is what.

Snippets from the LA Times report follow. (The story was reprinted in this morning's Daily Star.)

Donald Trump’s new campaign manager said Sunday that the GOP nominee will not release his income tax returns to the public until an Internal Revenue Service audit is complete.

It was a reversal for Kellyanne Conway, who was named Trump’s campaign manager on Wednesday. Earlier this year, the Republican pollster and strategist had urged Trump to release his tax returns.

But now, you see, she's on the inside and, I would bet, has insider knowledge of what the tax returns would show.

His returns would show voters for the first time how much he pays in taxes, how much he gives to charity, and provide a guide to his assets and investments.

A New York Times investigation into Trump's vast real estate holdings concluded that companies he owns in the United States have at least $650 million in debt, far more than he has publicly acknowledged.

Representatives for Trump have said the IRS is auditing his tax returns filed since 2009 and that returns from 2002 to 2008 are no longer being audited.

Conway told CNN’s "State of the Union" on Sunday that she doesn't think Trump should release the earlier returns either.

That is the Con Way.

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