Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Reflections on our poisoned political environment

Following is an email letter from Jim Woodbrey on "America's ugly political environment."

While the following article by Yitzhak Rabin’s son Yuval is incredibly relevant to America today,I believe we must go further and think about the poisoned political environment built up in SouthernArizona in 2010, leading up to Tucson, January 8, 2011, and the environment built up in Dallasleading up to November 22, 1963. Yes, there must be hope that today’s environment does not bringAmerica full circle in another historical disaster, but it’s important that people remember howwe got where we are today.

We must remember those leaders who with their media cohorts, and with braggadocio, have overtlyplayed leading roles in forming and pervasively carrying out the well-organized plans to obstruct allof President Obama’s initiatives, and how they have slimed virtually every one of his appointments. Blindly their actions created the perfect opportunity for Donald Trump to steal their nomination fromthem. And many of these same political leaders support and endorse Donald Trump while selectively denouncing some of his pronouncements and identifying him as a racist and a man not fit to bepresident. As in the past seven years, they continue to play roles in maintaining today’s poisonedenvironment while trying to retain some position they can use to divorce themselves from anyultimate adverse consequences. American voters need to be informed about these matters andreflect on them at the ballot box.

Here is the link to Rabin's article in USA Today.

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