Friday, August 26, 2016

The rest of the story: UT Austin protest against concealed carry on campus

"Cocks not Glocks" is the name of the student movement against the Texas law permitting concealed handguns on college campuses. The Nation reports on how the movement was created and by whom in "Why Thousands of Texas Students Carried Dildos to Class This Week." Here are some tidbits.

“If you’re uncomfortable with dildos, how do you think I feel about your gun?” student protester Rosie Zander shouted to the crowd gathered on the west side of the UT tower.

The protesters—dildos in hand, on backpacks, strapped to waists, suction-cupped to foreheads—gathered to listen to local progressive leaders, like Austin City Council member Kathie Tovo and Democratic candidate for state representative Gina Hinojosa, as well as members from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Cocks Not Glocks leaders Jessica Jin and Ana López.

Jin, a UT alum working for a tech startup in San Francisco, had her work cut out for her as soon as her plane touched down in Austin this week. She teamed up with allies to promote the event, making videos with dramatic Shakespearean monologues and jazz bands whose sets were decked out in dildos swinging from the ceiling. Days before classes started, she got word that the The Daily Show would be sending a correspondent to cover the event. She had more than 4,000 sex toys sitting in boxes crowding the apartments of her co-organizers, waiting to be distributed before Wednesday.

To deal with the latter, Jin, López, and co-organizer Kailey Moore held a dildo distribution rally the day before classes began. They liquidated their sex toy stock, all donated by companies based everywhere from Austin to Singapore, in 23 minutes.

Having lived through the tumultuous early 70s in Berkeley, I can appreciate this as superb political theatre. But go beyond the humor. If you read the entire Nation article, and you should, you will see that this is a serious push-back against the idiocy of guns in classrooms.

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