Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump is a wave machine

He keeps making waves that propel Republicans to Clinton. Paul Waldman (Washington Post/Plum Line) thinks We may be about to get a wave of Republicans deserting Donald Trump’s sinking ship. Here is the latest tally.

  • Six Senators including Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine)
  • Fifty prominent national security officials
  • Former CIA director Michael
  • Two former Republican Environmental Protection Agency administrators
  • A former Republican governor of Michigan and a former Republican senator from New Hampshire
  • A bunch of other less well-known former Republican officials
  • The communications director of the Florida Republican Party quit

... it’s one thing when you have one or two defections, but the more they start to pile up, the more likely further defections become, each one giving momentum to the next. No one wants to be a lonely voice going against the consensus of his or her party, but once there’s a critical mass of defectors, it becomes much less socially and politically threatening to take that stand. Instead of isolating yourself by defecting, you’d be joining a group, and one whose members don’t see themselves as having abandoned the party they love.

All that trickles down to the voters by giving moderate Republicans permission to withhold their votes from Trump, either by voting for Clinton, voting for a third-party candidate or not voting for president at all. And it could convince lots of independents that one of those choices is the independent thing to do, since only the most ardent Republicans seem to be sticking with their toxic candidate.

But I’m sure Trump can turn this all around. Maybe if he comes up with a demeaning nickname for Susan Collins, that’ll do the trick.

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