Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Donald "Ditzy" Trump pulls economic speech out of his a$$

That's kind of crude, but he lied and lied again - as he has done in every speech before. Only now the media has caught on (to the America public's aversion to being played for suckers?) and is fact-checking his speeches in real time as the Washington Post did in Fact-Checkers Rebut Trump’s “Pathetic” Economic Lies In Real Time

Washington Post fact-checkers Glenn Kessler and Michelle Ye Hee Lee rebutted Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s “pathetic, even embarrassing” falsehoods in real time as Trump gave an address before the Detroit Economic Club.

Kessler has criticized the media for being reluctant to “challenge Trump when he makes a claim that already has been found to be false” and allowing Trump to make “Four-Pinocchio statements over and over again.” According to Kessler, Trump’s willingness to repeatedly lie is “off the charts.”

Kessler and Ye Hee Lee tweeted continuously through Trump's speech calling out every lie.

It reminds me of a quote from the movie The American President which I paraphrase here.

... If you want to talk about character and American values, fine. Just tell me where and when, and I'll show up. This is a time for serious people, [Donald], and your fifteen minutes are up. My name is [Hillary Clinton], and I will be the President.


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