Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trump scores big in outreach to African-Americans

Big negatives, that is. reports: (1)Trump continues his African-American outreach. As part of this effort (2) "Trump Says African-Americans Have ‘No Education, No Anything’."

I will grant that he is motivated to relate to non-white ethnic groups, hence (1). But would anyone in their right mind launch an outreach program with such blanket claims as in (2)? What, exactly, is that supposed to do?

Here's more from the ThinkProgress report.

Trump’s message to the black community: Your lives are so miserable, I couldn’t possibly make things worse. He ignores the black middle class and describes the entire racial group as uneducated, unemployed and desperate.

Trump told Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro that blacks in America have “no health care, no education, no anything.” He described the lives of African-Americans as “a total catastrophe.”

Pressed on what he would actually do for African-Americans, Trump said that he would “get jobs,” without elaborating. Trump also promised to bring “spirit” to African-Americans by being a “cheerleader.”

There is a catch.

Trump’s argument ignores that the vast majority of African-Americans have jobs, health insurance and do not live in poverty.

I think we all understand the motivation for his outreach.

Recent polls show Trump trailing Hillary Clinton among African-Americans by a margin of 92–2.

But his whole campaign, then and now, gives lie to his "outreach."

His efforts to broaden his appeal, however, are complicated by the fact that, just this week, Trump installed a champion of the modern white power movement as his campaign’s CEO.

Now that is adding injury to insult.

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