Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trump takes revenge against McCain and Ryan: Waiting for straight talk.

What is John McCain waiting for?

McCain has been harshly critical of Trump in recent communications but pulled up short when it came to action consonant with McCain's words. Ryan has said he is not yet ready to endorse Trump but pulled up short when it came to denying Trump his vote. Thin-skinned Donnie is now romping through the fields of revenge, as reported by Roll Call.. Trump is not supporting either in their primaries.

So, again why is McCain waiting? Trump trashed his service, his time as a POW. Trump called him a loser. Is it not reasonable to assume that Trump thinks ALL POWs are losers? What is McCain waiting for? An apology from Trump?

If you think that Nixon was dangerous with the levers of power, imagine Trump moving the tremendous power of the presidency against his list of enemies.

This is the tipping point, right now, for John McCain. Enough! He should commit to not vote for Trump - or at least not vote. And he should rally the veterans behind him.

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