Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Voters believe election is "rigged."

Half of Trump's followers believe that.

No surprise, right? But the real news is that one-third of likely voters agree. This campaign, more than any other in my memory, is harming our Democracy by the rhetoric, especially the factless feckless demagoguery from Trump and his followers.

Words have consequences. Words can kill. Words can destroy. Trump's words are not killing - yet. But they are doing damage to our system of government.

From the HuffPost Pollster daily email:

VOTERS ARE NEGATIVE ABOUT THE COUNTRY, 1/3 SAY ELECTION IS RIGGED - John McCormick: “Nearly seven in 10 adults, 68 percent, say the country is headed in the wrong direction [in a new Bloomberg Politics national poll], with almost half of that group blaming Democrats and 22 percent pointing the finger at Republicans. Thirty percent said they aren’t sure who is to blame. A solid majority of likely voters, 56 percent, say the U.S. is in a dark and dangerous place, a figure that includes 87 percent of Trump supporters. Four in 10 say the country is in a strong position for progress on the economy and national security, including two-thirds of Clinton supporters…. A majority of likely voters also don’t agree with Trump’s suggestion that the election is ‘rigged,’ with 60 percent rejecting that view and 34 percent agreeing. Among Trump’s supporters, however, 56 percent say it’s rigged.”(Bloomberg)

I believe that Trump will lose the election. But even so, he will have left the American political psyche grievously wounded.

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