Wednesday, September 28, 2016

LD2 Senate race: Dalessandro vs. Kais

AZBlueMeanie (Blog for Arizona) analyzes positions of the two candidates for the LD2 Senate race. Here's an example.

Kais has hired campaign consultant Constantin Querard (Grassroots Partners) to manage her campaign. Querard also established the conservative Arizona Family Project, a conservative anti-choice organization. Querard only represents candidates who are acceptable to the Center for Arizona Policy, where he served as its Executive Director and CAP-PAC, as well as Director of Development for Arizona Right to Life.

This tells you all you need to know how Kais would vote on issues like access to contraception, funding of Planned Parenthood, and new legislative impediments to safe, legal abortions.

Senator Dalessando is a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood, and an advocate for a woman’s constitutional right of privacy in personal health care decisions without interference from the state or one’s employer.

The choice is clear: solid Democrat vs. right-winger.

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