Monday, September 26, 2016

Prepping for the debate today

We know that Trump is likely to repeat his many lies, as Paul Krugman says. If you take those lies away, what is left for Trump to say?

But if you don't do some form of on-line fact-checking, then Trump has the advantage created by the media's insane insistence on getting its audience to see the world as one populated by false equivalences. The question is who is responsible for that fact-checking. The moderators, such as Chris Wallace (Fox), seem disinclined to be the arbiters of truth. That portrays the media as a mindless machine with one principle: garbage-in, garbage-out. At the very least, I suggest, there has to be opportunities for Clinton to respond to Trump's lies and intervention by the moderator will be crucial.

You can create your own scorecard using the Washington Post's fact-check cheat-sheet.. Not surprisingly, there are far more statements on the Trump side that are demonstrably false. Watch for them.

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