Monday, September 5, 2016

Scriber self-medicates with vacation

McSally wants equality for women but votes against Planned Parenthood.

Trump offers deportation force as olive branch to Latinos.

Mainstream media wants to shut down "A" rated Clinton Foundation.

Mainstream media offers Trump Foundation's bribery coverup as model for campaign finance.

George Will detests Trump but does not see GOP as responsible.

George Will needs new glasses.

Argh! That does it.

Mr. and Mrs. Scriber are going on vacation to a place where the mainstream media does not go. It's a place where elephants are not a symbol for racism and greed. It is a place often without the internet, and that means SkyIslandScriber will be infrequent if published at all for the next couple of weeks. Where will I be? Hint: in what movie did Meryl Streep star opposite Robert Redford?



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